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Order Thai food and enjoy the best of Little Bangkok

Thailand is a big country with a diverse geography, and over the years regional differences developed in its style of cuisines. Currently there are four major styles of cooking in Thailand: Northern, North-Eastern, Southern and Central. Each region has its own speciality in Thai cuisine.

Sticky rice is a staple in northern Thailand, while the spicier Thai food comes from the northeastern region of the country. Dishes from central Thailand generally consist of jasmine rice, while the southern part considers coconut to be an essential ingredient of many dishes.

Thai food is also visually appealing and makes it extremely appetizing, with the four most common colours being green, red, yellow, and orange. All these bright colours lead to a razzmatazz of dishes, making it an irresistible experience. Thai food is also customizable in terms of spice, so each individual can develop their own unique taste in Thai.

If you are in Dubai, you can order Thai food at Little Bangkok through our website or by calling 800-BANGKOK. Enjoy, relax, and order Thai food in the comfort of your home or office. You can choose to dine a la carte from our menu, or enjoy our unlimited weekends offer, where you can eat anything off the menu for a fixed price on weekends. Order Thai food today – and indulge in the best!

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