1. Little Bangkok is the largest Thai restaurant brand in Dubai with the biggest social media following. Aside from having the HIGHEST number of UAE-based social media followers in the Thai food industry, we also have an engaged audience that regularly participates in all of our social media activities. Check out our Facebook page here.
  2. Little Bangkok is the only Thai restaurant chain in UAE that owns a central production facility. Situated in Dubai Investment Park, the 7000 sq. ft., HACCP certified facility produces and delivers key ingredients to our outlets every day. With approximately 75% of all ingredients prepared in the central kitchen, each restaurant has dishes that are consistent across outlets. This operational efficiency has led to lesser manpower, lesser space required, and lesser training for our staff than competing restaurants in the region. Find out more details about our central kitchen here.
  3. Little Bangkok has a variety of different restaurant sizes, ranging from 1,600 to 3,500 square feet, each with their own profitable track records. Each concept has been created with design and operational flexibility in mind. With fewer staff required in the kitchen and lesser space needed for equipment and preparation areas, the entire venture become significantly more cost-efficient and profitable.
  4. Little Bangkok is also fully equipped with our very own dedicated state-of-the-art call center facility which directly links orders to the kitchens of the restaurants that are closest to our customers. The facility situated in JLT is quick and efficient, ensuring that we handle and deliver hundreds of meals to happy customers every day.
  5. Little Bangkok also has a comprehensive training regime. Designed for the simplicity in execution, the dedicated package covers regimes for operation managers, restaurant managers, service teams, head chefs, kitchen crew, and delivery crew. Our video library consists of a step-by-step cooking recipe guide for each menu item.



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