About Us

Little Bangkok is UAE’s Most Liked Thai Restaurant, with multiple locations spread across Dubai. Using the freshest ingredients, almost everything is made from scratch in our kitchens, leading to an unparalleled dining experience, whether it is Bangkok’s famous papaya salad or the perfect Pad Thai. Experience Thai food the way it’s meant to be. Call 800-BANGKOK today.

Culex Hospitality is the parent company of Little Bangkok. We believe in providing our customers with a holistic, memorable dining experience. We take pride in the exceptional hospitality provided by our service staff, the ambience of our restaurants, and the quality of our food. Our other businesses include manufacturing dim sums that are supplied to numerous 5 star hotels, and our own line of retail dim sum products.

The Story Behind Our Food

At Little Bangkok, we aspire to set the standard for global Thai cuisine and dining. While we stay true to our roots with the strength of our traditional Thai flavors, we are constantly evolving with the changing world, staying au fait with modern tastes.

And therein lies our strength. At Little Bangkok, we’ll never compromise on the quality of our ingredients while bringing the best Thai food to the world. We want the world to eat Thai food the way it should be – innovative, bursting with flavor and sinfully delectable.

Franchising Opportunities

Little Bangkok has rapidly expanded from a standalone restaurant to a chain of multiple restaurants in Dubai.

With such rapid, sustained growth coming within a single city, it’s natural that we are also looking to take our brand to other places across the world to spread Thai cuisine.

We are looking for potential franchisees to expand the brand’s exposure regionally and internationally.

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